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Hutchison Insurance Services o/b Provenance Insurance Services Ltd (HIS-PISL) is a proud Northern Ontario domiciled multi-lines insurance brokerage. George R. Hutchison is the CEO and President of HIS-PISL and Timothy R. Hutchison is the CFO. HIS-PISL also owns and operates several other general Insurance Brokerages located in Ontario, doing business throughout Ontario and in a number of other provinces.

HIS-PISL are independent insurance brokers. We purchase products and services on your behalf. Our goal is to locate the best value in terms of coverage, price and service.

From time to time HIS-PISL and other companies within our ownership group may avail itself of acquisition financing, growth and marketing funding, training, joint ventures, partnerships and other wide ranging arrangements and facilities from one or more of the Insurance Companies that we place insurance business with. Clients of our group are advised that one or more of these relationships between the companies in our group and one or more Insurance companies we place business with may exist and evolve at any time. It is our stated corporate policy however, that while we may work closely and cooperatively with one or more Insurance Company, we would not enter into any agreements whereby we directly or indirectly are obligated in any way, to favour one or more of the Insurance Companies over another in return for access to these facilities! To do so, would in our opinion be placing the interest of our insurance clients behind that of one or more Insurance Company and THAT IS SOMETHING WE WOULD NEVER DO! Clearly and unequivocal our fiduciary responsibility as your trusted Independent Insurance broker is to represent your vital interest as an insurance client above all else. We pledge to you our valuable client that when we recommend a particular insurance company to provide insurance coverage for you or your firm or organization, it will be based on what is best for you, not an Insurance Company and certainly not for us!

Company Auto Property Liability
Aviva Insurance Company of Canada* 7.5 – 12.5% 20% 15 – 20%
Aviva Elite Insurance Company of Canada* 7.5 – 12.5% 20% 15 – 20%
Economical Insurance* 5 – 12.5% 20% 20%
Gore Mutual* 7.5 – 12.5% 20% 20%
Facility Association (Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada) 6 – 11%
Perth Insurance* 5 – 12.5% 20% 20%
Hagerty 7.5 – 12.5%
Intact* 7.5 – 12.5% 17 – 20% 20%
Pembridge-Pafco 7.5 – 12.5% 20%
Jevco* 5 – 12.5%
Echelon General Insurance Company* 12.5%
Everest Insurance 10-15% 10-15%

HIS-PISL will place risks with specialty markets when it is in our client’s best interest. In most cases, these specialty markets provide compensation at a lower rate than the Insurers we represent. In some cases, it may be necessary for us to charge a fee in lieu of or in addition to the commission payable under the insurance policy. In these cases, we will disclose both the fee and any commission payable under the insurance policy.

In order for us to maintain strong relationships with quality insurers, we work with each to provide the type of business they desire. From time to time, insurance companies offer incentives to brokers, including contest entries, trips and other forms of hospitality. Such sales incentives are typically based on performance criteria established by the insurer. The insurers with an asterisk (*) recognize our efforts through a Contingent Commission contract or an override agreement. Payment of this Contingent Commission is NOT guaranteed, and depends on a combination of profitability (loss ratio), and / or growth (usually over a number of years) and / or increased services that we provide on behalf of the Insurer. In some instances, the occurrence of a few large losses on our book of business can disqualify us from receiving a contingent profit payment for one or more years. For information on Contingent Commission, please go to the individual company’s website.

If you have questions, please contact a Hutchison Insurance broker at (705) 475-0001.

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